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J.R.Clark Hip-Hop Artist

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Lo-fi music has elements of house, jazz, easy listening, rap and hip-hop beats. The music has a DIY feel that highlights the imperfect, homemade quality of analog recordings. Lo-fi Hip Hop and Rap artists use both their music and words to soothe the soul. Most projects are written, performed, engineered and produced by the artistes themselves!

Lo-fi music at its core is hip-hop merged with other styles of music intended to create new experiences for their listeners and American Rapper J.R.Clark does just that. He says he wanted to bring in 2021 with a bang and his album “When Muzik Was Good” does just that.

J.R.Clark Hip-Hop Artist

J.R.Clark is definitely not a conventional artist. He is very aware that his work is deeper and covers more substance than peers. Dropping his sixth and latest album in January 2021, he is already onto his next hip-hop and rap venture which he plans on releasing in 2022. His current album ‘When Muzik Was Good” has 11-tracks that are full of grit. J.R.Clark keeps his flexing top-grade raps and may cause insecure listeners to need several listens to these tracks. 

For the uninitiated J.R.Clark takes his Hip Hop as seriously as the olds school masters. Check out his new album today!

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