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Virginia : Home to great musical
talent. Home to J.R.Clark

Yes J.R.Clark is a Virginia resident and as a lover of music, here are some of the other greats he’d like you to know about. Send us a message and let us know your favorites. J.R.Clark loves hearing from his fans and music lovers. 

Hip Hop -  Progressive Rap 

Missy Elliott needs no introduction. Born in Portsmouth, she now lives in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. Singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, talent scout, record moghul, she is considered the top female hip-hop artist of all time.


Pop Rock

Pat Benatar is a singer-songwriter and four-time Grammy award winner. She started her career in Richmond. Her singles, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” “Love is a Battlefield,” and “We Belong” were among the top ten hits on the billboard charts in the eighties.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is the country music Grammy-winning singer/songwriter. She grew up in New Jersey but now lives in Northern Virginia. Some of her greatest hits are the songs “Let me Into Your Heart”, “I Feel Lucky”, and “Passionate Kisses”. 

Rock - Folk - Country 

Bluegrass - Old-Time - Folk 

Dr. Ralph Stanley and his brother, the late Carter Stanley are the backbone of the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou. Credited with the old time music, such as I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow and O, Death! Ralph Stanley has a Museum dedicated to him and is truly a legend.


Heavy Metal

Lamb of God is the heavy metal band from Richmond. They have received multiple Grammy nominations and released eight studio albums. Their most recent nomination was in 2016 for their song “512.”


Rene Marie is a  jazz vocalist and songwriter from Fredericksburg. She was awarded a coronet ranking by the Penguin Guide to Jazz for her second album “Vertigo”. This distinction has only been bestowed to less than 85 other jazz recordings in music history.


Rock - Jazz – World Music

In 1991 Dave Matthews formed The Dave Matthews Band in Charlottesville and was very popular with the University of Virginia college crowd. The band spends most of the time touring and recording, and continues to live in Albemarle County.

Hip Hop -  R&B - Funk Rock 

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The Neptunes – Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo grew up and still live in Virginia Beach. The Neptunes which banded in 1990 and are still together, are currently a successful hip-hop production team, and Virginia Beach is still considered a "Hip-Hop Hotbed."

Hip Hop - R&B
– Funk - Pop 

Due to his separate successes, Pharrell Williams gets his own separate mention. He was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and got into music as a teen with Chad Hugo the other half of the Neptunes above. He is a popular name as a performer, songwriter and producer and Williams has written singles for Usher, Nelly, Justin Timberlake, and many others.


Hip Hop - R&B - Luxury Rap 

We can’t end the list without mentioning J.R.Clark. The musical artist came to Virginia when he was twelves and put down his roots here. He has just released his sixth album, 'When Muzik Was Good' in Jan 2021. 

At the height of the global pandemic, the album brings musical relief soaring with ultimate production and beat selection. The album starts off gritty but smooth, providing life lessons from the streets. 

J.R.Clark is focused on guiding aspiring musician that being a full-time Hip-Hop artist requires determination, dedication and passion for sure, but strategic and intensive research helps one become a successful artist. His core sound comes from the past authentic Hip-Hop following, boom-bap rap era, mixed with commercial luxury lyrics. Check his songs Money Marathon, Slow Jookin, Burning Up the Bag, and The 757 to get the feels. 

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