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Vintage Sound Entertainment, Virginia Beach has officially launched “When Muzik Was Good”, the eleven track Hip Hop album from the Virginia Beach rapper J.R.Clark. 

The album focuses on the vibrant luxury lifestyle rap sounds and a traditional Hip-Hop beat. The album will be a great listen for music listeners who crave the old-school, from the rap scene of the past such as Jay-Z releasing S. Carter in 1999, to a more modern sound of Rick Ross Port of Miami 2 album.

The Record Label caters to the entire music population of Virginia Beach. Having made music for 6 years now, J.R.Clark is the perfect head of Vintage Sound Entertainment as he began his musical start as a studio engineer before gearing up into solo artistry. 

Vintage Sound Entertainment is not just a great launch for aspiring and independent artists, it has actually record everybody in the 757 area. Says J.R.Clark, “If you lived in tidewater regions of Virginia, I’m quite sure I’ve recorded you at one point in time.”

If you want to drop a single or an album, reaching out might just be the difference between your success or stagnation. J.R.Clark would be the best to provide the right guidance, since he’s collaborated with everyone from Smoke DZA, Stalley to Cookin Soul to Fendi P (Curren$y’s artist). His originality and unique sound is distinct in an oversaturated music industry. Vintage Sound Inc, will help you find your lane and your sonic identity.

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