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When Muzik
Was Good

11 track 2021 Release – Raising the Bar for Rappers from Virginia

J.R.Clark: the Vintage Sound Entertainment rapper has released his sixth studio album 'When Muzik Was Good.' Comprising of luxury Raps, the entire album was recorded in J.R.Clark home studio, which he built during the global pandemic. The pandemic slowed life down considerably and brought up a lot of harsh truths for many. It also gifted us with introspection and time. J.R. Clark’s ultimate rap music used this time to other independent artists on social media for collaboration efforts.

Hard Core Raps- Virginia Rappers just got Bigger

The album is reminiscent of the cutting sound of old Jay Z, T.I., Pusha T, and Rick Ross which he admits was his inspiration growing up. “The sound of Hip-Hop that I grew up on has diminished in this day and age and has made a hard left turn for the worst. I want to bring that good muzik to the people that still crave it.”


J.R.Clark Rapper—Unmatchable Voice

J.R.Clark has shared tracks with Smoke DZA, MMG’s Stalley, and Jet Life Records own Fendi P. His versatile music unbeatable voice and flow patterns touch a nerve and relates to many people. The strongest indication of this is in the tracks “They Say” and “911 Porsche” featuring Alonda Rich. 

His rapping style and pattern sets the bar higher, “I’m cut different, certain stuff I don’t mention, when the bags came in, it felt like the night before Christmas”. ‘When Muzik Was Good’ is easily J.R.Clark’s best project so far. 2021 came in with a bang, thanks to his explosive album that offers turn-up feel heard in night clubs. 

He credits the COVID-19 period, for allowing him to devote a lot of time and patience, to developing his craft, sound quality, and visuals. And it shows in the album “When Muzik was good” released in January 2021. 

I’m different - Raising the Bar for Rappers from Virginia

Album in stores now. Get it hot off the shelves in Nordstrom now.

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